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Broff’s Diamond & Loan Co., stands out as the best pawn shop in Pittsburgh, offering quick loans on your luxury assets. Additionally, you can sell your gold or diamonds to us hassle-free. We deal exclusively in luxury items including watches, jewelry, and diamonds, ensuring top-notch service and expertise.

Trusted since 1931, Broff’s has built a reputation for offering the highest value possible for your precious belongings. Additionally, we follow a systematic process to evaluate and offer quotes, ensuring secure transactions and exceeding customer expectations.

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Do you need extra funds, fast? Look no further! We can help! Just bring in your gold jewelry, watches, or diamonds, and we will provide you with a fair value for your loan, ensuring a quick and hassle-free process.

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Are you looking to sell your gold jewelry, diamonds, coins, or watches to a trusted pawn shop? Look no further than Broffs in Pittsburgh. With us, you can sell with confidence. Whether it’s a classic luxury watch or your well-loved jewelry, we buy it all.

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Situated in the historic Clark Building, in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, we are conveniently located on the ground level. You can visit us in person or choose to work with us virtually, ensuring accessibility and flexibility to suit your preferences.

What is a Luxury Asset Loan

A Luxury Asset Loan is essentially a collateral loan. Our pawn shop in Pittsburgh meticulously assesses your jewelry, diamonds, or gold, which is then used to secure your loan. Consequently, when the loan is repaid, you will receive your asset promptly. This process is simple, easy, and straightforward.

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