Why do you want to sell your gold jewelry, silver, or diamonds?

As a jewelry buyer, we know there are several reasons one might decide to sell their jewelry, gold, luxury watch, or diamonds.

Financial Need

Perhaps you need to sell out of financial necessity. This could be due to unexpected expenses, such as medical bills, debt repayment, or to finance a major purchase like a house or a car.

Utilizing an asset to fund an expense or purchase is a sound financial decision. Parting ways with your item may still be an emotional decision. 

That is why, as jewelry buyers, we commit ourselves to ensuring the process is as hassle-free as possible. Our experts also ensure that you get the best valuation possible.

Change in Taste

Sometimes, you may want to upgrade your jewelry or watches to something more trendy or better suited to your current taste or lifestyle. 

Selling existing pieces can help finance the purchase of new ones.

Divorce or Breakup

If you are going through a divorce or a breakup, you may choose to sell fine jewelry or luxury watches acquired during the relationship as part of dividing assets.

Our straightforward process assists in making this difficult procedure a little easier, making Broff’s Diamond Company the best place to sell your wedding ring, fine jewelry, or engagement ring.

Estate Jewelry

Perhaps you may have inherited some jewelry, gold, or watches that do not hold sentimental value.

That is okay. We can assist in converting these items into cash for other purposes.

Unwanted Jewelry

Decluttering is good. If you find yourself with unwanted jewelry amid a decluttering process or minimalist lifestyle choice, we can buy your jewelry. 

If you no longer wear or use certain items and prefer to convert them into cash or invest the proceeds elsewhere, contact us for a fair valuation.


Selling your jewelry, gold, or diamonds may be part of an investment strategy. Perhaps you feel you can get a better return by selling and reinvesting the proceeds in other assets.

Broffs Diamond Company is the best place to sell gold and diamonds for the best initial investment amount.

Loss of Sentimental Value

Over time, sentimental attachments to jewelry or luxury items may diminish. 

If this is the case, you may opt to sell these items rather than keep them stored away unused

Legal Issues

Legal issues such as bankruptcy or lawsuits may necessitate the sale of assets, including jewelry or luxury items, to settle debts or legal obligations.

Regardless of the motivation, selling valuable items like jewelry, gold, luxury watches, or diamonds should ideally be done with careful consideration and research into the jewelry buyer to ensure fair value is obtained.

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